To embrace your inner child

Child’s Pose is a simple counter pose after backbends and a nice resting posture after difficult asanas. It’s also a restful way to stretch the hips and the spine and can be used as a recovery position for almost any strenuous asana.

Here’s how to enter the pose:
Sit on your heels, then bend forward from the hips, draping your torso over your thighs. Rest your arms on the floor alongside your torso, palms up, and release the fronts of your shoulders toward the floor. As you exhale, let your hips drop toward your heels as your head, arms, and shoulders relax forward.

If you are very stiff or have knee problems, place a folded blanket between your hips and heels or rest your upper body on a folded blanket. If you are in early stages of pregnancy—or if you have a round body—you may want to spread the knees apart and let your belly release between your thighs.

Stay and breathe for five to 10 breaths or even longer, then use your arms to press back out of the pose. You can also push back to Adho Mukha Savasana (downward facing dog pose) and continue with a vinyasa from there.

Source: Yogaholics Anonymous

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