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Have a nice holiday!

This is how I intend to spend mine: Advertisements

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Holiday plans

This blog is slowly quieting down for the holidays. Many of you are probably doing the same: cutting down on work (and internet-time too). What on earth will fill our days then, you might think? Well, I’ve got my path … Continue reading

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Where’s the ball?

The European Football Championships are currently on in Kiev, Ukraine – a country not exactly known for valuing human rights. Still media has been remarkably quiet about this. No comments urging Zlatan Ibrahimovic to visit opposing political groups or human … Continue reading

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Wise words for the weekend:

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The Good Job

Without knowing it, I’ve apparently always been a “creator”. Have followed these rules since my first job at the age of 14 – and have never been without a job since. The most important rule is probably the last one. … Continue reading

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On finding contentment

Yoga is more than a physical practice – it is also a philosophy about how we should live. According to yogic philosophy, we cause ourselves pain by desiring things we don’t have, but think that we need. In other words, … Continue reading

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Busy bee-ing

The past week has been busier than most – in spite of the fact that my ordinary day job has ended. I’ve been occupied with preparations for our combined yoga and food course, which was a first-timer. It took place … Continue reading

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