ESC time again

Once again, after the first round of semifinals is over in the Eurovision Song Contest, one can make the claim that Finland needs a serious re-vamp of the whole thing. Finns simply don’t have a clue what this contest is about. They should take a serious look at the Swedes, who’ve managed to make their national contest into a grand affair, which involves the whole country and therefore also gets the best songwriters and artists moving. We all know the result of that: Eric Saade last year and this year’s gorgeous Loreen, who’s one of the favourites. And who did we send – does anybody even remember?

Well, of course poor Pernilla Karlsson is a sweet girl and her song was lovely – but somebody should have done serious work on her appearance and the scenography. Her dress looked like something a trainee had cut together in the dark of night and the 80’s style mint-green colour clashed terribly with her purple hair – not to mention the background, which flashed with bright reds. All that combined was odd, at best. Compared with Swedish Loreen’s classy number, we were out for the count before poor Pernilla even could sing her first tune.

To be fair to the Finns: of course there were far worse numbers in this year’s semi final round-up, like Montenegro and Austria, for instance. Horrible stuff! And of course, the anti-thesis of super-stylish Loreen: the Russian Babushkas, who’ll probably sweep the floor with her and everyone else this year. Just goes to say: if you’re going to go overboard, make it mad enough and you’ll succeed. Like Lordi did in 2006  (still Finland’s only win ever in this race).

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2 Responses to ESC time again

  1. Ja, ikväll gäller det :-). Har sagt det förut, men det förtjänar att sägas igen: man må hålla på sitt fosterland när det gäller ishockey, men i ESC är det fullt tillåtet att svika och titta västerut istället. Åtminstone tills finnarna fattar galoppen och lägger av med sitt “Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu” -tjafs. Eurovision är inte “Konst” – det är ren och skär underhållning.

  2. Du har så rätt angående Finlands bidrag och att vi borde kika lite mera (eller egentligen hiskeligt mycket mera) västerut. Nu är det bara att vänta på den andra semifinalen och finalen. Jag är fullständigt säker på att det går bra för Loreen. Så himmelens proffsigt på alla sätt och vis.

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