Culture crunchers

We’re well into May, which means that most of the kids’ hobbies are coming to an end. Both my daughters take dance classes at Espoon tanssiopisto, so they’re part of the annual spring show, which took place today. These are usually extremely well rehearsed and pulled through with (almost) military precision, bolstered by years of routine – the teachers have all been doing this since forever – and many of the kids too.

This year was no exception. A wonderful show, talented and excited dancers and an enchanted audience. With the exception of 2 people sitting next to me, who just couldn’t help loudly discussing the performances – while they were still on. I tried throwing murderous side glances at them, but nothing helped.

Quite the contrary: to top it all off, they found it necessary to munch on some snacks (!) out of a rustling plastic bag. You’d have thought they were at a hockey game, for God’s sake. Then again, the amount of perfume the lady of the party had sprayed on before leaving home suggested the contrary. But in every other respect, their behaviour would (perhaps) have been appropriate at a sport’s event or late night movie – not a dance recital with live classical music.

I really had to muster all my self-control to be able to enjoy the performance. Seriously: what’s the matter with people? Firstly: if you’re watching a performance of any kind – please be courteous enough to keep your mouth shut unless asked to comment. And secondly: what’s with this constant need for eating – all the time, anytime and also, apparently, anywhere? Ever heard of breakfast, lunch and dinner folks? Cut the snacking – or at least have the courtesy of doing it somewhere else. Also, if you’re going to spend time in confined spaces with other people: go easy on the scents. Not everybody is as crazy for those Shalimar-style, heavy orientals as you might be.

There you go: talking, smelling, crunching and munching at a live performance really tops my list of pet-hates. Just don’t do it – please!

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