Age IS only a number

The other night I led a fast-paced ashtanga class, where 2 of the more mature participants told me that their reason for practicing this quite demanding style of yoga was simply to hold on the level of mobility they had now and not lose it. Which is a very good reason!

Me in another 40 years or so – hopefully!

It’s also one I can definitely relate to, since I was no spring chicken either when starting out. I began to do yoga at the age of 36, which means I’m fighting a constant uphill battle against age-inflicted loss of mobility and flexibility. Still, by doing yoga I’m at least preventing the worst disasters of aging – as were those 2 yogis in my class.

Occasionally I reprimand myself for waiting that long. It would have been so much easier to make use of that innate flexibility most 20-year olds are blessed with. Still, even in those darker moments I try to focus on the positive: never mind if you can’t bend yourself backwards like the twentysomethings in class – for all you know you might still be going strong when they reach their forties and discover that mobility isn’t a birthright after all :-).

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