5 things I need to stop doing

1. Yelling first, thinking second. Sometimes my reaction span equals that of a 2-year old. At least when it comes to dirty clothes lying on the floor or kids going for each other’s throats.

2. Biting my nails. This is doubly embarrassing, since I’m 40 years old.

3. Going the extra mile to avoid paper work. It could be paying bills, sorting out household papers,  filing a tax return – whatever. Have to force myself to do it, which really is an imposition, since I run my own business and occasionally have a lot of paperwork.

4. Offering to volunteer for anything and everything. School committees, charities, various pro-bono projects at work – the list is endless and my day isn’t getting any longer.

5. Late night coffee. Been slipping into this nasty habit and can’t get any sleep until 2am. Not to be recommended.

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