New gear

Before anyone thinks anything else, I want to state that I’m not one of those people who spend more time planning their outfit for the day’s training, than actually doing the training :-).

White for spring? Yes please!Now that that’s cleared, I can confess that I actually splashed out on some new gear today. And yes, even though it’s not a requirement to be well dressed for exercise, it’s known to boost the spirit of any tired athlete.

What I particularly like about training gear nowadays is the multifunctionality. Being almost constantly on the run, I need clothes that allow for swift moves between the yoga mat and being out and about. I might have to rush straight from yoga class to an appointment and there’s not necessarily any time to change, so for me it’s a definite priority if my training clothes work in other areas of life too.

I tend to prefer classics like Adidas, Röhnisch or Esprit but sometimes I find bargains at both the Stadium chain and H&M, both of whom have great, affordable sports gear. The only downside is their fairly limited range – if you want to hit gold you need to be out on the day they stuff the shelves, because their stuff moves fast.


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