Sugar strike, part 3

Here’s the third part of the brilliant series produced by researchers at the University of California. Dr Robert Lustig lays down the law about what regulates hunger and therefore, what really makes us eat more than we need:

It’s scary stuff but it overthrows many common believes, like the one that obese people are just lazy and have no character. If they’d just eat less and exercise more, they’d be as skinny as you and me. Well, they wouldn’t, because their whole metabolism is working against losing the weight. And sugar (and its friends carbohydrates and starch) are doing their best to hook them up – just like alcohol and drugs would.

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2 Responses to Sugar strike, part 3

  1. True! I like Dr. Lustig too, particularly because he’s such a brilliant communicator and makes his facts down-to-earth and comprehensible.

  2. Donna says:

    Lustig is my hero. I couldn’t agree more about the dangers of sugar (particularly fructose). A lesser known issue with fructose is a condition called Fructose Malabsorption, which causes a bunch of other problems in people who can’t absorb it properly.

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