On yoga and nutrition

I’m very excited about a new venture together with a fellow entrepreneur, Nina Westerback (read more about Nina’s work here: Tosiruoka – Riktig mat).

We’ve decided to join forces and offer a course with 2 different styles of yoga combined with the latest information about nutritious and healthy food. Food that gives you the energy you need to do yoga – and everything else you want to do in your life! This particular course will be held in Swedish, but we’re planning Finnish and English ones later this year.

The yoga poses pictured come from the first series of Ashtanga, which is a dynamic and physical form of yoga. The movements and poses can be modified for both beginner and advanced level, so you don’t need to be a yoga virtuoso to join. Just bring an open mind and the urge to do something for yourself – for a change! More about the details here: A Day for You.

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