5 reasons I must be a woman

Nowadays there’s much talk about gender being socially inflicted rather than biological. I totally buy that, so I’ve made my own list of explanations why I’m probably more inclined towards being a female. And yes, this is perhaps a bit nasty, but hey, you’re reading my blog so I’m guessing you can take it.


1) I am bothered by dirty clothes on the floor. And occasionally I’ll even pick them up.

2) My phone is not an extension of my hand. Nor is the computer. I can actually perform intellectually demanding tasks without either gadget in the room.

3) I know what happens when you wash white shirts with black socks.

4) Having a slight cold doesn’t knock me unconscious. Despite a runny nose, I can still load the dishwasher, cook dinner for 10 people and walk the dog.

5) Seeing a hockey game on TV doesn’t freeze all my brain activity. I can even turn it off and go do something that makes sense instead.

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