Sugar’s out

Pardon my French, but now the shit has really hit the fan: I’m making a promise. For the next 3 months, I won’t eat anything with sugar in it. Here’s what prompted my strike:

Toxic Sugars

Not that I’ve eaten that much sugars to start with – for the past year, that is. Before that I used to eat much like anyone: bread, pasta, breakfast cereals, sweetened yoghurt and the lot. Because I was working out quite intensively and all the nutrition experts told me I had to eat carbs to survive. So, for the odd 20 years or so, I’d suffer from various stomach ailments, which nobody could explain or diagnose. When I cut down drastically on sugar, starch, flour and grains, all my tummy troubles disappeared and I haven’t seen them since. As long as I keep to my diet, that is. And yes, I’ve kept doing the workouts. Actually, I’ve increased them so that I now work out 8-10 times a week, 1,5 – 2 hrs at a time. Without carbs. And I’m doing swell.

Still, cutting out all the sugar from my diet is going to take some police work, since nowadays they squeeze sugar (or starch, or glucose syrup or corn syrup or whatever else it’s called) into almost anything. So even if I’ve already cut out most of the visible sugar, trying to avoid it altogether will be a challenge.

Check back later and I’ll be reporting back to you on how it’s going :-).

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