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Fun Run

Went for a short run today – after a 3 month break. I’ve been so busy practicing yoga the past months, there simply hasn’t been any time for other things. But now, since I actually have some time to do both, … Continue reading

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Wise words:

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Sugar strike, part 3

Here’s the third part of the brilliant series produced by researchers at the University of California. Dr Robert Lustig lays down the law about what regulates hunger and therefore, what really makes us eat more than we need: It’s scary … Continue reading

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Sugar strike, part 2

Ever wondered about HOW sugar actually affects us? Of course we all know that it’s a bad idea to eat too much sweets. Hey, even my Granny knew that. But until now, nobody really knew how bad an idea it is. Now there’s … Continue reading

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On yoga and nutrition

I’m very excited about a new venture together with a fellow entrepreneur, Nina Westerback (read more about Nina’s work here: Tosiruoka – Riktig mat). We’ve decided to join forces and offer a course with 2 different styles of yoga combined with … Continue reading

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Just another Magic Monday

There you go, the weekend came and went and Monday sweeps in again at full speed. Except for me that is, because for a few more weeks I have the luxury of free mornings on Mondays, so I get to … Continue reading

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5 reasons I must be a woman

Nowadays there’s much talk about gender being socially inflicted rather than biological. I totally buy that, so I’ve made my own list of explanations why I’m probably more inclined towards being a female. And yes, this is perhaps a bit … Continue reading

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