Hanging on the edge of reason

Once again we’ve heard the wise words of another scientist with no apparent reality contact. In today’s Hufvudstadsbladet (the leading Swedish newspaper in Finland) Vilja Varho, special researcher in future studies at the university of Turku has been kind enough to share with us her advice on how we can avoid ruining ourselves on pricy gasoline for our cars. She says that apparently Finnish people often drive their cars short distances and wonders why we couldn’t take our bikes or walk instead. She adds that rising gasoline prices can actually be a good thing, since they will “force us to change our living habits”.

Let me make a wild guess: Ms Varho herself is probably a city dweller, who lives next door from half a dozen food stores, has around the clock access to public transport and doesn’t have to work wonders with a tight schedule trying to make ends meet.

I wonder if Ms Varho and her future studies colleagues have considered targeting the real "fun" drivers"?

In principle, I fully agree with Ms Varho’s reasoning. I can also tell you that this family hasn’t indulged in any “fun driving” since the 1990s. My short distance “fun” drives usually take me to the supermarket (once a week), where I fill my trunk with about 10 (recyclable!) bags of food for my family. I suppose Ms Varho thinks I could take 10 walking trips to the store and back instead? Since I’m a fitness freak I can tell you (and her) that I most certainly would. It’s just that occasionally I have to go to work (to feed my children, who perhaps one day are going to pay for both Ms Varho’s and my pensions).

If I can be allowed one wish for the future, it would certainly be that these so-called experts stopped treating ordinary people as idiots.

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3 Responses to Hanging on the edge of reason

  1. Näin vasta nyt, että nuo linkkien kommenttiraidat olivatkin aika hauskaa lukemista. Siinä tulikin sitten asian koko kirjo :-).

  2. Riina says:

    Olen huomannut, että kun on ehdottomia mielipiteitä, niitä joutuu aika usein sitten joskus myöhemmin pyörtämään. 😉 Tai sitten ajatus siitä, että “ne muut” eivät tee asioita oikeista perusteista, vaan esim. laiskuudesta…

    • Juu, aivan, näinhän se menee. Kemikaalicocktailille vielä, että olishan tuo mukavaa asustella keskustassa 8 min kävelymatkan päässä töistä, mutta kun tyhmyksissään on mennyt ottamaan työpaikan maaseudulta, niin minkäs teet. Irtisanoutuminen ekotekona tuntuu jotenkin extremeltä :-).

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