Spilling the beans to teens

The other day I had an interesting discussion with some of my students. They had been decorating the student’s lounge with pictures of scantily clad women and my duty as their supervisor was to point out to them that it’s not appropriate in a public place such as school.

However, these otherwise quite smart individuals totally missed my point. Because “it was just a joke” and “nobody really minds” (except for old prudes like me – and my fellow grown-up colleagues).

Of course part of the deal was teenage rebellion, which is to be expected. But what surprised me the most was the total lack of understanding of why this could be a problem. Some of the girls probably got the point, but were too afraid to agree (of course they didn’t want to be seen as old prudes too).

Because apparently that’s what you still are – even in 2012 – if you think that a wall plastered with pictures of half-naked women in sexually explicit poses is a downer.

So, it seems like I’ve finally taken the full step to adulthood (= from being the one censored to being the censor). Welcome, old age.

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