3 good reasons to look forward to the weekend

1. There’s time to cook proper breakfast and enjoy it sitting down. With a bit of luck, even while reading the paper. Yes, the actual paper paper (as opposed to taking a quick glance at the headlines on Yahoo while logging into e-mail at desk).

2. On Friday night I can enjoy my glass of red without any remorse. Why the remorse, you say? Well, in Finland nobody drinks socially except on weekends (= having a glass on Monday means you’re a lush).

3. Maybe – just maybe – there’s a chance I’ll run into some nice people and actually get to be sociable for a change (= being sociable without telling them to hush up, take out their books and yarp at them for not doing their homework).

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3 Responses to 3 good reasons to look forward to the weekend

  1. Thank you ever so much and a good weekend to you too! Tack Daja, va snällt :-).

  2. emmahevezi says:

    good luck with all of those things 🙂 hope that your weekend is ace and that you really enjoy yourself, you deserve a break 🙂
    keep smiling

  3. Daja says:

    Du klär ett lärar/kvinnoliv i ord så pricksäkert! Tack, jag älskar att läsa din blogg! Daja

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