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Recently I posted pics of a few of my favourite skin care products. In order not to be too biased towards Body Shop, I just have to spill the beans on another brand, which I wouldn’t survive without: the Weleda Cosmetics company has loads of great skin care products, all made with regard to nature and the environment.

My primary Weleda choices are the pomegranate moisturizer and face serum. Absolutely wonderful scent and (hopefully…) lots of quality boosters for “aging skin” like mine. Sad, but true: when you reach your forties, this is what it comes down to…

I also love their hand cream, made with Nordic sea buckthorn and complete with a gorgeous aromatic scent. Works wonders when used overnight, but it’s light enough to be used in daytime too.

The only downside to this product is the small size – you’ll use it up within weeks, if you’re an addict like me. Still, keeping package sizes small will guarantee fresh products, or so I’m told.

Another downer is that Weleda is quite pricy, but I suppose that depends on what you compare it with. I still think it’s worth paying a bit of extra for supreme quality and the knowledge that I’m not killing or polluting anything – including myself.

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