Good morning yoga!

Most experienced yogis say that mornings are the best time to do yoga. That way you can get your practice done without too much distraction or those inevitable schedule changes that most days bring into our busy lives.

Not being a morning person in the slightest, I’ve struggled with this notion for quite a while. And I have tried morning practice – Lord knows I’ve tried. But no matter what, my body just refuses to bend in the mornings. Every cell in my body tells me that I should be back in bed, catching up on sleep which was once again cut too short.

For me, morning practice has been must-do stuff done only if all else fails (e.g. the day and evening are so packed with other activities that there’s no chance of getting anything done otherwise). Still, once I’ve struggled through those morning moves – which inevitably are less bendy than my regular ones  (I have to take one step back in almost every asana) I must admit I feel good. It is a great way to start the day and it energizes you like nothing else – once you’ve done it…

My yoga home is in the ashtanga practice, which can sometimes feel quite rigorous and demanding. I remember one of my earlier asthanga teachers saying that she likes to do morning practice mainly because then she knows that nothing she’ll encounter during the day will be as hard or difficult. I agree.

Still – difficulty of practice put aside – one reason for my reluctance to do mornings is the fact that I’m terrible at getting to bed early. If you put you head down at 12pm, it’s not jolly to be up at 06am doing anything – let alone a physically and mentally challenging practice. Changing this routine would mean changing who I’ve thought I am: that cool night person who stays up late to write quirky-yet-entertaining blog posts…

Time will tell what happens, but as with everything else in yoga, I can see the change creeping up on me slowly. Just a few months ago I’d have laughed out loud at anyone hinting I’d get up at 06:20 am to do yoga. Still, that’s exactly what I did this morning – and will do again tomorrow. Auch.

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