Sun’s out!

Finally we’re being spoiled with serious spring sunshine. I got so inspired that I treated myself to some fruity flavours from Body Shop: Blueberry and Lemon Body Butter

These excellent moisturizers come in a multitude of colours and varieties; I think I’ve tried most of them by now. All work wonders on winter-dry skin.

And no, sadly Body Shop is not paying me anything for this boost :-). Just like to let you know when I come across a really good product. Other favourites are these: 

The Vitamin E series is really good for dry skin like mine. Not too expensive either, which is always a plus when it comes to skin care.

Another positive thing when using Body Shop stuff is that you know you’re making a fair deal. BS uses a lot o fair trade raw materials and they’re on the increase as more fair trade farmers are contracted. That makes me feel almost as good as the products themselves.

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2 Responses to Sun’s out!

  1. Thanks, good to know – haven’t tried that one!

  2. Riina says:

    This is no ad, just a little product placement. 😉

    Talking about Body Shop and moisturizers, my all time favorite is their Hemp Hand Protector.

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