3 things that make me sad

This is not one of those happy and perky posts. I’m feeling gloomy and feel the need to share with someone. Therefore: be warned, if you’re looking for fun and jokes, skip this one.

1) My sister’s long-lived cat is struggling for his life at a veterinary hospital. I know this is not world-class news in any way, but this cat’s been around for as long as I can remember. I’m thinking if he goes, who’s next?

2) Today I met my very nice and extremely friendly neighbour, who told me she’s splitting up from her husband after only 6 months. It was the second time around for both of them, there are kids involved (his and hers) and it still didn’t work. I’m sad for her and above all I’m sad for the kids. Why is it that, in spite of the best of intentions, us adults so often just mess things up and everybody ends up getting hurt?

3) I spent the past days with my son, who lives in Sweden. He’s working really hard with his studies and he’s got a job too. His goal is to keep up the studies and simultaneously work to save money for his own apartment, because the housing situation in Stockholm is really bad. I don’t think I’ve quite realized how hard he works and how much responsibility he’s had to take, living on his own, far away from us. Me making the odd appearance every once in a while really isn’t parenting the way I’d like it.

But for the record: I’m dead proud of him and I realize he’s doing something I never had the courage to do. Then again, that’s a thin excuse, because right now I’d much rather just be that live-nearby-mum whose house you’re always welcome to for Sunday dinner.

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