Queen of Pop – please stop!

I’m old enough to have been around during Madonna’s first years of fame. Back then she definitely was an icon and I’m the first one to admit her positive influence on women and girls through the years. All the more sad it is to see how the Queen of Pop has got stuck in a time-warp, desperately clinging to her youth in both appearance and performance – much like any botoxed wannabe-Hollywood starlet.

My reason for making these harsh claims is her latest single: “Give Me All Your Luvin'”. Despite the title (which could very well qualify as the world’s ickiest) the song itself is a simplistic hang-up mix of rap and worn-out lyrics shrieked with a barely there voice. I swear – if it hadn’t been (hyped and) published by the Great Madonna, nobody would have listened to this twice: 

Madonna: please, please grow up! Because believe it or not: grown-up isn’t the same as boring. All the Kabbalah in the world can’t help you, if you insist on sounding like a thirteen year old and writing lyrics which are obviously meant to interest that very same age group. Writing and performing crap like this is an insult to all you’ve accomplished during your long career.

And what’s with the constant undressing? We all know you look fabulous for your age, so just don’t. You’re in your fifties – do you really still feel you have to play it on sex appeal alone? Hey, I wore those Boy Toy leggings too – back in the eighties. And even though my butt can still carry them off, my head refuses (and I wish yours did too).

So if you really want to surprise us and be daring: keep your clothes on and focus on writing some seriously good tunes. We know you can do it. Because the bottom line is: you’ve got so much more than a perky butt going for you.

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