Our new president

Who knows this guy?

Not the one I wanted, but apparently enough people in Finland wanted Sauli Niinistö. A safe bet perhaps, a bit boring definitely and a riddle absolutely.

Will be sitting tight now to wait and see what he actually thinks about anything, since he’s been very careful not to offend anyone during the campaign. Therefore he ended up not saying much at all. Colourless and odourless – but also harmless? Remains to be seen.


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3 Responses to Our new president

  1. noracc says:

    Katja: stiff all the way probably. With that young wife and all… And Riina: it was probably the hard choice between “rutto ja kolera” as they said up north 🙂

  2. Katti says:

    Stiff upper lip…

  3. Riina says:

    I find it a bit alarming that so few chose to vote in the end, less than 70 %…

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