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Being fairly new to the blogging world, it’s taken  me some time to look around and find regular “friendblogs” to visit and read. But here goes, some of my favourite ones. First out, a few in Swedish:

Fröken Nytta is a lifestyle blog, which combines an excellent linguistic level and beautiful pictures with a genuine sense of style. Even though you don’t understand a word of Swedish, this one’s worth a visit just for the classy outlook: Fröken Nytta

Cool, quirky and sometimes extremely delicious, here’s a blog which combines colour, flair and tasty foods all into one. “Vett och Vansinne” means something along the lines of Sense and Madness. Madness or not, the food pics will make you drool: Vett och Vansinne

More interesting facts about food can be found at: Flo Food. The writer of this blog knows her stuff – she’s a nutritional therapist (uups, not sure if that’s the correct term?) and regularly writes about what’s both healthy and tasty. The theme is “back to basics”, meaning real food without additives, yet simple enough to squeeze into your everyday meal schedules. Once again: the food pics will make you want to get cooking straight away. Hmm, I wonder if I’ve got a food fetish…

Coming up next: my favourite Finnish friend-blogs. Stay tuned :-).


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