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On letting go of the wall

I’m presently doing yoga teacher training with a very skilled teacher, together with 3 other yogis, who are far more experienced than me. This is great, since it means I’m learning by leaps and bounds every time we have a … Continue reading

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3 things that make me sad

This is not one of those happy and perky posts. I’m feeling gloomy and feel the need to share with someone. Therefore: be warned, if you’re looking for fun and jokes, skip this one. 1) My sister’s long-lived cat is … Continue reading

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Quality time

One of the great advantages of enjoying a visit from your mum is that you can take her to IKEA for some nice shopping. The only thing left after that is putting the stuff together, which is expertly done by … Continue reading

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This is it guys:

As a teacher, every once in a while you get into discussions about the quirks and mechanics of learning. I’m a firm believer in free will and not much else. That being said – having a deadline to look forward … Continue reading

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12 signs of serious coffee addiction:

1) You answer the door before people knock. 2) You haven’t blinked since the last lunar eclipse. 3) Instant coffee takes too long. 4) You’re the employee of the month at you local coffeehouse – and you don’t even work there. 5) … Continue reading

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Queen of Pop – please stop!

I’m old enough to have been around during Madonna’s first years of fame. Back then she definitely was an icon and I’m the first one to admit her positive influence on women and girls through the years. All the more sad it … Continue reading

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Wise words:

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