Living life off the edge

Have you ever wondered why there are tv-shows called stuff like “Exploring the wonders of the Himalayas” when it should be called “If you treasure your life – stay of that f—–g mountain!”.

Oh yes, indeed.

And what about that crocodile wrestling Australian guy, who (after having lost the most unfortunate match of his short life) left behind a grieving widow, desolate children  and a bunch of really cool wrestling tapes.

Ok, so I admit it: I’m not the world’s most adventurous person. If I have to travel somewhere, I like to have the nearest bathroom no further than a minutes walk away. I just don’t see why you’d want to go anywhere too uncomfortable, since mankind already went through the trouble of inventing all those comforts to make our lives a bit easier. Not to mention deliberately putting your life at risk for something totally pointless.

Of course I’m aware of the fact that human evolution might never have happened if it wasn’t for curiosity (and an insatiable drive to do stupid things). If some Neanderthal somewhere hadn’t climbed that mountain (and met the nice Homo sapiens girl on the other side) we might never have become the wonderfully intelligent creatures we are today.

Then again, considering what humans amounted to, it might have been better if that young Neanderthal had just been eaten by a dinosaur. Or whatever it was roaming those hills in these days (as you can see, my historical knowledge is about level with my stress tolerance). One possible outcome of that is that we might have ended up with less crocodile wrestlers. I’m taking a wild guess now, but perhaps mankind still would have survived?

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