Off-button it is…

Just as I thought Finnish TV couldn’t possible get any worse, the final stone was thrown. Apparently Matti Nykänen is now getting his own reality show. Anybody remember him? No, exactly my point. You’re better off not to. He’s the ex-ski jumper who went from being an Olympic gold medalist to drunken singer, sad stripper and wife-beater. Need I say more?

Finnish tv's hottest star?

The programme promises an insight into Matti’s “life as it is today”. Happily for Matti, he has now stopped drinking (which might mean he actually has half a life to present). But I can’t help but wonder what his beaten ex-wife feels about his prancing in the headlines again? Not to mention his children. Seriously Matti: if you don’t care about the rest of Finland, don’t you think at least your family has suffered enough?

Also: I wonder whose brilliant idea this was in the first place? To film a middle-aged man sitting around in his apartment – all be it a he’s a former athlete. Sadly, in this case the emphasis is definitely on the word “former”. Absolutely thrilling stuff – NOT.

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3 Responses to Off-button it is…

  1. Nova says:

    DAMSKÅP! Det låter ju som världens bästa idé! Vaffan Nora, kan du inte komma och designa om lite på kontoret och styra upp skithusen lite grann?

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