Christmas clean-out

So now it’s officially over, once again. We came home from our trip to Sweden and Norway this morning, only to be met by a sad-looking Christmas tree with an alarming absence of needles, most of which were scattered on the floor.

Being a Christmas person, I’m in equal portion NOT a Christmas clean-out person. I love the pre-holiday weeks and getting out all the ornaments, with that sweet feeling of expectation in the air. But there’s simply no charm whatsoever in taking it all down again. Still, what has once gone up, must now come down. So I’ve spent most of the day taking down and cleaning out all that was so carefully positioned out just a few weeks ago.

My husband tried to console me by saying that he actually likes the idea of cleaning out Christmas, because it means we’re one step closer to spring. I find that a tad optimistic, considering the fact that January and February are the actual winter months around here. Most likely we’ll be looking forward to extremely low temperatures and loads of snow. Neither of which are my favourites. Oh, March, where art thou?

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