Yogic Thinking

I like what yoga does to me. Being a frightfully impatient person, practising yoga has forced me to slow down and accept the fact that we all have our limitations. Also, I’ve come to see there’s not much point in forcing things; the stiffest limb will bend and the toughest mind might surrender – but it’s going to take time. Accepting this is often difficult, when you work hard and want to see the fruits of your labour. Preferably today, this evening or tomorrow morning – at the latest :-).

That being said, I’m far from there yet. I still struggle with all my imperfections daily. But who knows how much I’d be struggling if yoga hadn’t come my way?

Regular yoga practice is intriguing, because even though development is slow, it still shows and sometimes takes leaps, which keep you hooked. In pursuit of those rare jumps forward, I’m willing to put in the hours it takes – even if many of those hours mean endless repetitions, sweating and focusing.

I’m also grateful for having the opportunity to teach yoga. Doing that is a valuable learning process in itself. And it tells you so much about how strong and goal-oriented people can be and how hard they’re willing to work – in spite of various difficulties and hindering ailments. That, if anything, is the spirit of yoga.

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