Just can’t get past that Christmas thing…

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a Christmas person. You know, the kind who eagerly waits for October to pass, so that they can start playing the songs, burning the candles and planning for this year’s festivities – without too much undue embarrassment.

The past 2 years have been a bit different. Last year we just happened to move from one country to another at Christmas time, which meant temporary living arrangements, moving and emptying house and spending the holidays at a relative’s house. Not a bad Christmas as such, but a bit strange all the same.

This year I was counting on recovering that old holiday spirit once again, but have seen myself cheated out of it by too much work. Every single free moment has been spent – not preparing for seasonal festivities – but trying to catch up with everything still not done from earlier this autumn.

Here it helps to have kids though. They don’t care much for the outer appearance of things – they’re happily in a festive mood even if not all the old ornaments and Christmas lights are in their correct places. So I’m trying hard to let go of the must-have’s and instead focusing on what’s really important: being grateful for what you’ve got and the people around you.

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