5 top wish list items

1. Been dreaming about a genuine OnePiece for quite a while now. Time to realize this wish, dear Santa?


2. Not much for wearing necklaces, but bracelets you just can’t have too many of. For someone who almost always wears black, here’s a sneaky way of getting some colour into your outfit:


3. A somewhat obvious choice for a shoe maniac, but a gift card to the best shoe-shop in Helsinki wouldn’t be a bad idea at all:


4. Nice Finnish style design and interior items. A bit middle-aged perhaps, but who am I to deny the years?


5. Been a Body Shop fan for years and haven’t come across a bad product yet. These lush body lotions are particular favourites of mine. Creamy, nourishing and delicately scented:



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2 Responses to 5 top wish list items

  1. noracc says:

    Jag tog det säkra för det osäkra och postade listan på tomtens Facebook-vägg :-). Varför lämna något till slumpen?

  2. Nu får du bara hoppas att tomten hittar till bloggen också. 🙂

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