5 reasons to love the weeks before X-mas

1. It’s the only time of year when kids will actually make an attempt at humane behaviour. What will happen after these weeks I’m too tired to think about.

2. Whenever you take a trip to any store, you run into everybody you know. Plus 20 000 other sweaty people.

3. Everybody is in a happy, festive spirit. Although in some of us this shows mainly through a somewhat stressed outlook, feverish eyes and manic sorting of various lists.

4. Finally there’s time to remember all those long-lost, distant relatives. Even though they’ve forgotten about you years ago. Still, who’s counting?

5. You get the chance to spend some quality time with your family: baking gingerbread, cleaning house, manufacturing, writing and sending cards, cooking obscene amounts of food, cleaning house, changing lights and decorations (includes searching through various electrical appliance stores for the right cords and bulbs to match last year’s broken ones), cleaning house (just to have the Christmas tree needles mess everything up again), flexing your credit limit buying those “just-right” (not too expensive, not too cheap) gifts for every member of your extended family, the neighbours, kids’ football trainer, flute coach, dance teacher, PTA members, dog trimmer and whoever else you’ve had the slightest contact with during the year.

Did I forget anything? Have to check the to-do-list…

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