A day off – NOT

Saturdays have become regular working days in our household. Between the running-of-errands, dance, sports and yoga practice, chores, washing up and laundry there really aren’t many moments of tranquility. But I suppose this is something I’ll miss once the kids have moved out. Right now it’s hard to imagine though.

Could almost give my right hand for just a few days with NOTHING on the agenda. Now you’re all thinking “Why the heck doesn’t she cut down on the do’s then?”. Well, the thing is that I’ve really tried my best. But there are certain things that are hard to cut out. Like washing clothes, for instance. Or paying bills.

My happy future?

Of course I could always deny the kids their hobbies. Believe me, sometimes I feel the urge to do just that. But somehow it doesn’t feel fair. Apparently I’m too mushy a mum to let the kids suffer from my fatigue.

I suppose I could quit blogging. But I happen to like it and writing makes me happy. So that doesn’t seem too smart either. The only thing left then is cutting down on training (and my own well-being ). In the long run, that would be really stupid, since regular work outs are the reason I’ve kept my sanity in this whirlwind existence.

One thing I have cut down on however, is having a social life. Obviously, that’s not too clever either, but since it was a choice between that or yoga practice, there wasn’t much to do about it. So now this former “socialite” has become a fanatic yoga recluse… Hmm, that does sound a bit freaky. I definitely need to get out more.

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2 Responses to A day off – NOT

  1. noracc says:

    Nina, you’re quite right of course. We definitely wash clothes too often and it’s a constant object for debate in our house (=me trying to teach the kids that not every piece of clothing worn for 2 minutes needs the washer…). And we used to have a cleaner, but we thought the kids needed a reality check when they started complaining about having to empty the floors before the cleaner came (!!). But the cleaning actually works quite well now, with everybody having their own chores. I just need to get the washing up divided too… And using the same glass more than once is not a bad idea either.

  2. I think there are several household chores you actually can cut down, for example laundry. Everybody can start wearing many clothes for a little longer without any risk of smelling bad or getting ill. With dishes, you can use the same glass throughout the day. And you can get a cleaning lady (and if you already have one, you can give her more tasks, such as ironing or laundry :).

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