5 things that REALLY infuriate me

No intro needed. Here goes:

1) People who are ignorant, phlegmatic and generally uninterested in anything except picking their noses.

Slowly going mad(der) than ever...

2) People who complain about everything but refuse to come up with any ideas of their own – in fear of having somebody like themselves complaining about them…

3) Snotty politicians/celebrities who’ve let their (newfound) fame go to their heads and end up behaving like sad little brats.

4) Bureaucrats, for whom the job (description) is more important than the person they’re there to help.

5) Parents, who refuse to see their own children as human (and eligible to flaws) and instead put them on a pedestal, therefore making them intolerably spoiled and unable to engage in interaction with others.

There, now I’ve said it. And after a lousy day it feels at least a little bit better.

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