Runner’s World

Been so busy doing yoga lately, that I’ve severely neglected my running. But last night I actually got out for a run in the brisk autumn air and discovered I’ve got quite a few things to be happy about:

1) The simple fact that I can run without any pains or ailments. My body is strong and healthy and my legs take me where I want to go. Not to be taken for granted at my age – or at any age, for that matter.

2) I live in a fairly safe place. No worries going out running in the dark. Ok, so I bring the dog, but not for safety reasons. It’s just that he needs the exercise (even more than I do).

3) My new Nike trainers, which turned out to be a very good deal. Having been an Asics supporter for years, I recently decided to become unfaithful. The reason was not functionality but design. Asics Gel Kayano, which has been my number one brand for years, had not invested much in design and I like my trainers to look good too. And not only do they look smashing – they’re extremely comfortable too :-).

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