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About parents, kids and LCHF

A recent article in a Finnish newspaper raised a few eyebrows. A nutritionist from Eastern Finland disclosed that a Finnish family had been threatened to have their child taken into custody because they had been eating Low Carb High Fat … Continue reading

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This weekend’s 3 major revelations

1) Thanks to the ever-ongoing money collections for school camps, football leagues, boy scouts and whatnot, my kids now have more cash than I do. 2) Christmas time means so much work for the average parent, that frankly my dear, … Continue reading

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5 reasons to love the weeks before X-mas

1. It’s the only time of year when kids will actually make an attempt at humane behaviour. What will happen after these weeks I’m too tired to think about. 2. Whenever you take a trip to any store, you run … Continue reading

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A day off – NOT

Saturdays have become regular working days in our household. Between the running-of-errands, dance, sports and yoga practice, chores, washing up and laundry there really aren’t many moments of tranquility. But I suppose this is something I’ll miss once the kids have … Continue reading

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Fun night out

Had the opportunity to spend some time outside work with my lovely colleagues tonight. This usually means serious flexing of laughter muscles and this time was no exception. Thank you for the laughs and see you again tomorrow!

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Runners galore!

Speaking of pain and (last week) about running: here’s what a friend posted on Facebook the other day: Good question, but the answer is even better :-).

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No pain no gain?

Chatting to a friend after yoga class the other day made me think of this classic saying. We were talking about the difficulty to get into certain yoga positions – her particular challenge being the lotus. Mine is the end position … Continue reading

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