Sugar as addictive as drugs

The sugar discussion continues. Researchers have now found that mice react to sugar (combined with fat) just as they would to cocaine – meaning that they develop a strongly addictive behaviour. This has been suggested before by many therapists dealing with food addictions. Sugar as addictive as narcotics (article in Swedish)

The only thing we’re now waiting for is for health officials to recognize the problem – and starting to offer treatments that actually work. Because so far, they haven’t been doing much good. Telling overweight people (or children or diabetics) to just try to exercise more and eat “healthy” low-fat foods (but keep on eating carbs) is like telling an alcoholic that sure, you can have just that one glass of wine (=and then deal with your cravings as best you can). If you don’t, you must be “lacking in character” and should just “try harder”.

Thousands of people all over the world have testified that quitting carbs is the only way they’ve managed to regain their health – and keep the weight off – because that way they have tackled the root to the problem: their addiction to sugar, starch and carbs (which all are basically the same thing).

What’s strange is that their testimonies don’t seem to convince health officials, who stubbornly stick to what they were taught in school. And meanwhile, we’ve got child obesity rates that are soaring. Time to wake up?

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