Sweet as Sugar?

A Swedish woman has written the tragic story of her sugar addiction. Already as a child Gunilla Salin started eating sugar straight from the package and went on to abuse sweets, carbohydrates and starch on a daily basis. She compares sugar addiction to that of alcohol, nicotine and drugs. And when you listen to her story, you’re inclined to agree.

Today she’s free of her addiction and wants to tell her story to warn others. She hopes that in a few years, we’ll be seeing the same kind of warning labels on sugary products, as we today see on tobacco and alcohol.

Camilla\’s story (unfortunately only in Swedish)

Frankly, I don’t see that as unreasonable at all. One thing is for sure: no human being needs sugar in any way. We’re far better off without, so in with those labels I say. That some of us are more sensitive to carbohydrates, shouldn’t be more surprising than the fact that some of us become alcoholics. And therefore I think it’s time to help out people who are sugar sensitive – the same way we’re already helping recovering alcoholics or smokers.

Many researchers and scientists who’ve studied the processing of carbohydrates suggest that sugar and carb addiction is in fact the main reason for the obesity epidemic sweeping the Western world. And that’s just sad, because it’s caused largely by false marketing and false claims by the food industry. Of course they put sugar into their foods. It makes them taste better and people want to buy them. The industry doesn’t care if it kills us in the end. They still get their money.

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