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Sugar as addictive as drugs

The sugar discussion continues. Researchers have now found that mice react to sugar (combined with fat) just as they would to cocaine – meaning that they develop a strongly addictive behaviour. This has been suggested before by many therapists dealing … Continue reading

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Parental Advisory Board

When living in Sweden, I was amazed at the ads run by Systembolaget (state-supervised chain of liquor stores). They showed a picture of a teenager and the text underneath said something along the lines of Visit our homepage for good … Continue reading

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Dog’s Life Part 2

Oldest son came home for a quick visit. Don’t know who’s the happiest, us or the dog:

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Now that I’ve closed one chapter in life , I’m going to concentrate more on yoga and work on my teaching. One part of yoga philosophy is that you’re never ready or done – there’s always some pose you can work … Continue reading

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It’s a Dog’s Life

Sometimes it’s not too bad to be a dog. A long haul from those lonely street barking days back in Spain. Who cares if it’s raining cats and dogs outside, when you can cuddle up in the sofa and just … Continue reading

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Sweet as Sugar?

A Swedish woman has written the tragic story of her sugar addiction. Already as a child Gunilla Salin started eating sugar straight from the package and went on to abuse sweets, carbohydrates and starch on a daily basis. She compares sugar addiction … Continue reading

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Time to say goodbye

Those of you who might still have mustered the energy to drop by here lately (despite the lack of any new posts) might have noticed the change in appearance. The reason for both that (and the lack of happenings), is … Continue reading

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