5 Reasons why Saturday is my Favourite Day of the Week

1. There is an atmosphere of calm. Even the dog takes it easy in our house on Saturdays.

2. It’s socially acceptable to have a glass (or even a few glasses) of wine with your meal.

3. You get a lie in (at least a bit longer than on weekdays) which means you tackle at least part of your chronic sleep deprivation. Of course it hits you again on Monday, but luckily there’s always next week’s Saturday to look forward to.

4. You might actually have time for some physical activity. And I don’t mean the running-to-your-car-to-rush-off-to-work variety…

5. When you go to bed in the evening you can fall asleep with a smile, knowing there’s still Sunday to look forward to :-).

All this provided you don’t work irregular hours of course. In that case your Saturday might be Wednesday instead. But still, the effect will be the same. Happy relaxation, everyone!

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