Hobby Horrors

When I still had babies & toddlers, I used to dream of the days when they’d be a little bit older and I’d – once again – have (at least some) time for myself. Well, technically, that time has now come, but I’m still not seeing any me-time. Rather, my afternoons and evenings are spent driving back and forth with kids to and from various hobbies.

Boy, were we fooled thinking baby years were tough. Back in those days you could at least stay home in the evenings, because nobody needed to go to football practice, dance lessons or musical theory. The other side of things is of course that very few parents probably want to deny their kids the opportunity to conquer new skills. And there we go, falling for it time and time again.

Believe me, we’ve done everything we can to keep our kids from getting ANY hobbies. Neither me nor my husband are particularly keen on standing by the football field at 7am on Sundays. Nor do we find any personal fulfillment in the fact that our kids explore their musical creativity. We’ve tried to stress the importance of staying at home, being lazy and taking it easy (because that’s what we’d like to do, given half a chance).

But then God – or somebody – played us a cruel prank. We got children who are active and generally interested in everything. And not just that, preferably they’d like to try out new things each year. So we’ve bought violins, dance shoes, basket balls, flutes (3 different kinds), sticks, pins, skis, skates…. You name it – the pile just keeps growing. In case YOUR child is contemplating a new hobby: come and take a look in our garage and chances are, you’ll find what you need…

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