Telly Time

Haven’t gotten around to watching much TV because the evenings in this household have been kind of busy. But now, when my kids are actually reaching the age that they can (on the odd night now and then) do something on their own, I’ve had a couple of chances to watch something. Wohoo, I thought: finally some adult time. Just me and the telly.

However, I soon found there wasn’t much to watch. Unless you happen to like mindless reality shows with seriously freaky people (Big Brother & the lot), silly soaps like Emmerdale or the never-ending American policeathons. If those are your preference, Finnish TV must be a blessing.

Not that Swedish TV is much better. Which we know now, since we tried to get out of our despair by hooking up to a Swedish satellite network. But that was just as bad – last night their prime time offering was a reality show about people competing to become composers. Thrilling stuff…

Makes me wonder if I’ve totally lost my grip. Surely these crappy offerings must be delighting somebody’s nights, or all the networks wouldn’t be sending them. So now I’m officially a dinosaur, because complaining about what’s on telly (or not) is probably the final milestone on the rocky road towards middle age.

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