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5 Reasons why Saturday is my Favourite Day of the Week

1. There is an atmosphere of calm. Even the dog takes it easy in our house on Saturdays. 2. It’s socially acceptable to have a glass (or even a few glasses) of wine with your meal. 3. You get a … Continue reading

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5 Reasons to Start Yoga

1. You’ll improve flexibility and range of movement. There’s an old yogic saying: You’re only as old as your spine is flexible. It’s God’s honest truth folks: those limbs were made to be moved – not to slowly stiffen up … Continue reading

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Summer House Dreams – the Sequel

Just spent another weekend looking at various alternatives for family summer dwellings. Unfortunately we just don’t seem to find the perfect match between hopes, finances and degrees of maintenance. The perfect place just doesn’t exist. Not that it should be … Continue reading

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Hobby Horrors

When I still had babies & toddlers, I used to dream of the days when they’d be a little bit older and I’d – once again – have (at least some) time for myself. Well, technically, that time has now … Continue reading

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Telly Time

Haven’t gotten around to watching much TV because the evenings in this household have been kind of busy. But now, when my kids are actually reaching the age that they can (on the odd night now and then) do something … Continue reading

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Mad Hatter

Had to go to the Tax Office yesterday. Anyone who knows me also knows that I hate anything and everything that smells of bureaucracy, regulations and stipulations. Which means that when I’m faced with such, I feel more or less … Continue reading

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