Back on Track

Hello there. It’s been a while. Still, no matter what you’re up to, a short break can’t hurt. I hope you’ve all had a good holiday too and are getting back to work and everyday life filled with new gusto.

Our family has usually travelled somewhere during the Summer holidays. This year we actually thought we’d stay in Finland. All of a sudden the prospect of rushing through Europe with thousands of other holiday drivers didn’t seem so glamorous. But then some strange urge came along, and there we were,  heading down the Autobahn once again.

Still, I think a change of scenery does you good. There’s one reason to travel. It’s wise to rock that safe boat sometimes – afterwards it feels pretty nice and simple to be back home, where everything (mostly) works as it should, the hot water is hot, there’s no fear of electrocution when you turn on the stove – and so on. You get to appreciate the small luxuries of everyday life.

Now you’re all thinking we made an exotic trip to some cast-away island without electricity. Sorry to disappoint you: we went to Cote d’Azur and stayed in a full maintenance house. So there’s my change of scenery. Would probably have sounded better if we’d made a bus trip through the African continent or something. But I know my limitations. Being in the South of France is quite enough of a challenge for someone like me. The Mediterranean laissez-faire way of life makes for a sharp contrast to our effective, streamlined, Lutheran ways. And after all  – a holiday should be just that: a holiday. Not a survival camp. In my book at least.

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