Time for a Holiday?

This time of year much of Finland (and Sweden) closes for the holidays. Hoards of people head out to their country cottages or other popular Summer haunts. Many friends and co-workers tell me that being cut off from work for several weeks in a row is necessary for them, or they won’t be able to recharge for the rest of the year.

I can certainly relate to this, but for me personally it’s a bit different. Since I spent most of last year working as a teacher, I’m now enjoying the benefits of a long Summer holiday. But in addition to teaching, I also work for my own business, which means some things need to be done during the Summer months too.

As an entrepreneur, you really can’t ever isolate yourself from the rest of the world. Some people might see that as constantly being “on the job” but for me it’s become a way of life and something I cherish. I really enjoy what I do and I seldom feel the need to take a break.

I’ve sometimes thought whether I’m kidding myself with this: will I wake up one day and regret not taking more time off? Or will some weird kind of stress syndrome hit me at some point if I don’t make enough time for those quiet days?

Of course I know it’s important to relax too. It’s just that I like to squeeze in some me-time whenever I feel the need for it. It might be a leisurely Monday in October, when I’ll take the dog for a long walk, go shopping on my own or read a good book. I just don’t want all my holiday time in one go.

I know a few others who feel the same way; many of them run their own businesses and value their freedom to choose. Still, there are also those who happily close up shop and head out to enjoy their well-earned holidays in July or August, when most of their clients are on holiday too.

How about you – what’s your favourite way (or time) of winding down?

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