Flowery Power

Last week our family celebrated the high-school graduation of our oldest son, so I’ve been fully occupied with party preparations. Having now partied in 2 countries, I’m feeling pretty worn out. Although it was great fun, it certainly took some genuine Finnish “sisu” to administer it all. Graduation parties are a serious business…!

In Finland it’s customary for guests to bring flowers for the graduate, so we’ve got a pretty impressive floral collection filling the house. Now I’m just laying back admiring it all  – here are a few pics for you to enjoy:

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2 Responses to Flowery Power

  1. noracc says:

    Ja, visst e de fina. Jag blir snudd på berusad här av rosdoften! Pioner är mina favoriter också.

  2. Grattis till äldsta sonen :).

    Vackert, vackert! Speciellt den första buketten med pioner och den andra med liljor. Jag har rosa pioner hemma på gården som antagligen blommar just nu medan jag håller till i Österbotten…

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