Random Acts of Kindness

Last week our family encountered one of those modern-day-disasters, when the microwave just popped. Literally popped, and blew the fuses from the entire kitchen. Big-time crisis, obviously, since at this busy time of year my cooking mainly consists of heating pre-cooked stuff. So, off we went to the microwave doctor and they informed us that it was just a minor flaw and that this oh-so-necessary appliance would soon return to its former glory.

Nuff said: today I picked up the microwave, all shiny and new. While I was carrying it to the car and wondering how I’d be able to open the trunk while simultaneously holding this not too small (hey we’re 6 people in our household!) appliance with both hands, a kind gentleman stepped in and offered to do the opening for me.

I gave him my usual suspecting glance (because of course everybody who offers to help is ultimately out to rob you – or, if you’re young and pretty enough: trying to chat you up…). But this nice man was accompanied by his equally smiling wife, who also stopped to offer a hand. Thanks to their gracious gesture I was able to squeeze the machine in without causing too much damage either to myself or the car.

This got me thinking of how little you actually have to do to help somebody. Open that door, lift that parcel, offer your seat. Just small things which can – at best – make somebody’s day.  I decided, there and then, to kick-start Summer by committing to perform at least one random act of kindness a day. I also promise to report about it, and challenge you to join me! Let me know what you’ve done (or what was done for you) and, come autumn, we’ll see who’s the official R-A-o-K winner :-).

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One Response to Random Acts of Kindness

  1. noracc says:

    First one out: didn’t scream back at my daughter when she was having a fit today. Surely that counts? No? Ok, have to try again then.

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