Pep Talking

The other day I held my last lesson for this Spring and as customary, I handed out those evaluation forms. This time it was a bit daunting, since I’d been away from teaching quite a long time and felt a bit rusty. Also I had the vague feeling that my planning skills were not quite what they used to be…

Last time I was teaching I didn’t simultaneously run my own business, nor have school age kids myself (with all that brings of hobbies, school runs, PA- meetings etc.). So, sometimes the days were just too short and a certain level of improvisation was needed. To be brutally honest, I wouldn’t have been surprised if these youngsters had nailed me down for being too unprepared half the time and too unengaged the other half.

But – much to my surprise – they still gave me good, if not excellent reviews and seemed very happy with both content and teaching. And before anybody gets wise cracking (!) about teachers, students and grades I’ll tell you I always go to great lengths in making sure all reviews are done anonymously. What’s the point in making them otherwise?

This just goes to show that sometimes good enough is quite enough. Of course I did my course planning meticulously and I had prepared a lot of material – just in case. That gave me the option of winging it a bit during the course, when those busy days came.

So, to all my fellow perfectionistas out there: it’s ok to let you hair down every once in a while. If you’ve done your ground work, you can afford it. If not – well, then perhaps improvisation is the way to go (just rely on your sparkly personality and that part-time drama course you took at university. If you didn’t, it might be a good investment :-)).

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