Hockey Mania!

Normally I’m not a huge fan of ice-hockey, got to admit that. But it was virtually impossible not to be moved by the incredible spirit showed by the Finnish Lions, while they were fighting their way towards a well-earned gold medal in the World Championship finals yesterday.  

It’s been a good 16 years since Finland’s last – and only – gold medal. In between there are several bitter losses and some consolatory silver and bronze medals. Quite often we’ve lost to our favourite enemy Sweden, which makes this victory all the sweeter :-).

Still, as I regard Sweden as my second home country, it makes me both happy and grateful to hear so many Swedes offer their sincere congratulations (= even they thought that the hard-fighting Finns earned this :-)). Thank you – this aura of fair sportsmanship is precisely what makes Sweden such a great country – love you guys!

However, I wish my own countrymen could extend the courtesy. The slight, but still very ugly racist tendencies exhibited by some Finnish hockey fans will hopefully be crushed in their bud. And who better to take a stand then the champions themselves. Let’s hope they do!

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