Five Things all Husbands Need to Know

1) Your wife deserves a break sometimes. Between the washing, ironing, dusting, school runs, grocery shopping, dentist’s appointments, dinner planning, PA-meetings, wiping up after the dog, calling grandma, sending those birthday cards, buying presents, juggling everybody’s schedule AND trying to get some work of her own done, there’s otherwise a chance she’ll reach a slightly irritable state. Should that happen, there’s only one person to blame and that’s you. So stop sulking about it and lighten her load.

2) Women do not have a specific tracking gene which makes us know where every piece of clothing hides in the house. That’s just years of training and you can achieve it too. Just start looking. And by looking I don’t mean opening the cupboard  doors and rolling your eyes; sometimes you actually need to LIFT stuff in order to FIND stuff…

3) Cooking food includes the washing up, wiping and clearing part too. And this is best performed within minutes of the food making process. Leaving dirty pots and pans to dry is just bad management – and you wouldn’t be caught dead exhibiting bad management procedures at work now would you? Then please don’t do it at home either (or your annual performance reviews will be equally bad).

4) There’s no law against buying your significant other some flowers, a small gift or a night out every once in a while. As a matter of fact the word is out that doing so can highly improve your chances for intimacy on a regular basis.

5) And last but not least: there’s actually no real danger in saying I love you more often than once every ten years. She won’t let it get to her head, I promise.

Does this sound bitter to you? Well, remember the above mentioned, and I guarantee you that lovely, careless creature you once married will eventually creep back out again. For now she might just be too busy trying to dig her way out behind that pile of dirty dishes, sticky laundry and smelly trainers you and the kids left lying around…

Happy rendezvous you crazy teens!

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