10 Things I’ve Learned this Year

* Moving house repeatedly is an effective (all be it expensive) way to get rid of all that extra junk in your closets.

* With 3 kids, one dog and a guinea pig in the house you get a lot of unforeseeable action and some interesting injuries.

* Reading books is a thing one does on holiday. Alone. About once a year.

* Dog hairs multiply when the sun shines in.

* Losing your keys once a week is a good way to treat low blood pressure.

* Having a passionate love affair with one’s washer and dryer is not very exciting in the long run.

* When your bed is the most expensive piece of furniture in the house (and you think it was worth every penny), you can consider yourself officially old.

* Duck tape fixes everything. Including some of those previously mentioned injuries.

* Plants need water or they will self-destruct. Unless they’re made of plastic, in which case water only makes it worse.

*  The person who invented the term multi-tasking should be subjected to it. On a regular basis.

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2 Responses to 10 Things I’ve Learned this Year

  1. Där fick man sig ett gott skratt. 😀 Prima!

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