Scent of Summer

Finally got around to fixing up the garden and terraces last weekend. Although we’re missing the sunshine from last week, it was still fun to create the illusion of summer by placing out tables and chairs and filling some flower pots.

Having made a habit of going to France for the past few summers, to me the scent of lavender somehow sums up what this season is all about.

Luckily in recent years they’ve created a sturdy breed which survives even as far up North as Finland, so we get to enjoy the aromas here on our own terrace, without the hassle of traveling.

The kids didn’t care too much about trivial things like flowers. Their highlight was getting the trampoline up-and-running. We just managed to squeeze it into our small, low-maintenance garden:

Now every time I sit by the kitchen window, I can see heads jumping up and down outside :-).

On the plus side for our mini garden is also the fact that it took me exactly 6 minutes to scrape away all of last year’s leaves. I can tell you that makes quite a difference to the 6 weeks it use to take me to fix up our old lawns…

Some more flowers:

And my new watering can: 

So there you go. I might just have that one hidden gardening gene after all…

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2 Responses to Scent of Summer

  1. Nu blev jag också sugen på att gå och skaffa lavendel… Härlig vattenkanna!

    • noracc says:

      Ja lavendeln är kungen bland blommorna :-). Vattenkannan är just rätt storlek att vattna krukorna med, så den var ett fynd. Nu kanske de får vatten nån gång…!

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